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Phillips Gadabout Moped Recommission

This Phillips Gadabout Deluxe 3 had been abandoned in a barn since 1970, In 2021 it was finally dug out by the original owners granddaughter and brought to us for a sympathetic recommission.

With one owner from new and only 3000 miles on the odometer, it was perfectly original, so our aim was to preserve as much as possible. This started the the fuel tank which was badly rusted inside. It was thoroughly cleaned out and treat with rust converter to try and stop the rust.

The carburettor was ultrasonic cleaned and rebuilt with new seals and a new float, as unfortunately original was badly cracked and leaking. The fuel tap was also rebuilt with a new cork seal, and with the addition of a new fuel pipe the fuel system was complete.

Next up was the ignition system which seemed to be the reason it was abandoned all those years ago. There was no spark at all and upon closer inspection the coil had to be sent away to be rewound, a new capacitor soldered onto the magset and the HT lead and spark plug replaced,

Although the original tyres held air they were badly perished so for safety reasons they were replaced with as close to the original tread pattern as possible. After a gearbox oil change, brake service and a new brake cable it was once again ready for the open road.

Now it starts first pedal and the 3 speed twist change gearbox works perfectly!

If your classic bike or moped needs some tlc, contact us today!

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