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1946 AJS 16M

The image above is how we bought this wonderfully original 1946 AJS 16M, it's very similar the Matchless G3 as used in the war however this is a civillian version produced jsut after the war and painted black instead of green.

It had been languishing in a barn in Devon since the early 1960’s. In 2021 it finally saw the light of day again and after a sympathetic recommissioning process we were able to return it to the road for the first time in 60 years.

We have tried to conserve as much of the original condition and parts as possible, replacing only the essentials. Due to a servere lack of compression the engine had to be rebuilt, a NOS piston was fitted and the original barrel rebored to suit. All other engine components (some stamped G3 from the war) where kept except for the bearings, dynamo and magneto chains.

We rebuilt the gearbox due to a damged bush, unfortunately this is no longer available so we made one on the lathe to the original specification. As with the engine, except for the bearings all the original components where retained.

The wiring was in an awful sate having rotted away over 60 years and unfortunately nothing was saveable so we fitted a new Lucas wiring loom and had the dynamo and magneto sympathetically rebuilt.

New tyres and inner tubes where fitted and the brakes and wheel bearings serviced.

The bike is now almost 100% oil tight and starts first kick everytime!

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