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1972 Triumph Bonneville Restoration

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

This lovely Triumph Bonneville arrived to us as an abandoned project and had be sat idle for nearly 12 years. The first job was to completely rebuild the engine due to a lack of compression, this turned out to be an excessively worn barrel and a damaged head.

The engine was completely stripped and the crankshaft was sent out to be reground. It was then assembled with all new bearings, seals and gaskets. Along with many other new parts, such as the gear shift mechanism, clutch and triplex primary chain.

Once the engine was rebuilt and back in the bike it was then on to fixing botched electrics a previous garage had tried to fix. As with all our electrical repairs only original style Lucas connectors are used so once completed the loom looks just as it did when it left the factory, no cheap plastic connectors from Halfords!

Once the many remaining jobs had been completed, including a new seat base, modified and painted, new tyres, chain, sprockets and a freshly painted front mudguard the 12 year slumber was finally over and the Bonneville hit the road once again!

The bikes now been going strong for over a year and still starts first kick. If you would like to get your classic or custom bike back on the road, contact us today!

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