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1959 Mk2 Ford Consul

This is my 1959 Ford Consul Mk2, it's now fitted with a 3 litre Ford Essex V6 engine with fast road cam and polished and ported cylinder heads, Ford Type 9, 5 speed gearbox and an Atlas rear axle, all completely rebuilt.

It's the only Ford Consul on air ride system, which was designed and built by me.

The car has a 'clean engine bay' so everything that can be hidden has been. This was achieved by fitting a racing style Wilwood reverse pedal set up which hides the master cylinders behind the dashboard. The brake servo, wiring, coil and line lock (which allows just the front wheels to be locked) are also hidden behind the dashboard.

I also made a custom dashboard incorporating several WW2 Spitfire gauges and an engine start button, the accelerator pedal is also a vintage drum bass pedal.

While the engine bay and dashboard have been painted in gloss black the rest of the body has been left as a 'rat look', this isn't to everyone's taste but it certainly makes the car stand out. As do the 3" custom stainless exhaust pipes running down either side.

The car benefited from a full american cow hide interior from Rawhide Upholstery with custom seat covers and carpet set.

We regularly take the car to shows throughout the summer months, in 2018 it won best custom car at Downton Classic and Custom car show, against some stiff competition.

In the future I plan to fit a custom 4 link suspension set up and a limited slip differential.

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