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MG Midget 1500 (1974 to 1979) Pedal Pivot Bush Set LBS810 Replacement

MG Midget 1500 (1974 to 1979) Pedal Pivot Bush Set LBS810 Replacement


It is a very common problem for MG Midgets to have worn, loose and sloppy feeling pedals. Unfortunately just replacing the pivot bolt doesn't take up all the play, as after almost 50 years of use the bushes are usually very worn. Until now they have been unavailable, but we are offering a direct replacement for part number LBS810 which requires three bushes per pedal.
Three bushes are required for the brake pedal and three are required for the clutch pedal. Originally the pedals came with two bushes per pedal, however as the new bushes are very slightly shorter I have included an extra bush per pedal for more support. It is recommended you replace the bolt at the same time which is available separately part number AHA8075.


Please note the pedal assembly, bolt pictured and original bushes are not included, the listing is for six oil filled bronze bushes only.


If your master cylinder push rod hole is also worn you can send us your pedal assembly and we can fix the worn holes, replace the bushes and paint them if required. Please contact us for prices.


If you require bushes for earlier Midgets or Sprites please see my other listings.

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